Kickstarter Order FAQs!

Kickstarter preorders have been sent! Here are some answers to common questions. 

Kickstarter Order FAQs:

I received two items instead of three. What gives? 

We made the decision to send out the two items (leggings + racerback tanks) we have available now, and will send out the sports bras as soon as we have them in hand. Read this blog post for more information. 

Can I return or exchange my item(s)? 

The following pertains to Kickstarter preorders only: We will accept size exchanges only for any item(s) ordered during our Kickstarter campaign. We'll exchange any of your items for a new size through 4/30/17. If you'd like to exchange an item for a new size, contact us and we'll send you an official exchange form. 

Why are there stickers on the inside of my item(s)? 

The small white stickers on the inside of your clothes are from our factory. They indicate that your item(s) passed quality checks. In some cases, the stickers may fall off on their own, and in others, you'll have to remove them. In either case, they are nothing to worry about!