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Product Preview + Help us Finish Strong!

Our Kickstarter campaign is about to end, and with just a couple of days to go, I want to thank everyone who has made a pledge to make this line come to life!

I can't wait to get to work creating our first round of designs: Our 3-piece set is all about versatility: The pieces can be worn in three seasons, and they're excellent staples to have around when you want to throw something on and head out the door. 

As a runner, I spent a lot of time on these first designs – but I'm also excited to show you a little preview of what's coming down the road! 

SKETCH 1: Long-sleeve running top

This long-sleeve top will have a closable flap on the wrist for your GPS watch. Wear your watch normally against your skin and close the flap to run. Easily open and close the flap to check your progress while on the run!

Gone are the days of pulling your sleeve up and down over your watch to check your pace during a cold run. Many watches, including my own (I run with a Forerunner 225) come with a built-in heart rate monitor. Which is great, except it can't be used if you put your watch on over clothing.

SKETCH 2: Full length running tights

These full-length tights are similar to our calf-length tights, but with a little more "give." They'll be suitable for cooler weather and flexible enough for yoga!

These are just the rough designs – the next step will be to meet with our technical designer to make these sketches come to life. 

Please consider making a pledge right now (or adding on to your pledge) to help us with a strong launch!