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WHAT – WEAR – WHY: Cause I Run Apparel Review!

By: Anna Gleason, Cause I Run Intern

Yes folks, you read that right – I have had the pleasure of running, jumping, downward-dogging, spinning, lounging, yet never once frowning in my Cause I Run athletic apparel. Now, I know you might be thinking “Well obviously she thinks it’s great – she’s the intern!” and for those of you who did have that thought, no worries: I’ve asked my lovely roommates to try the pieces on themselves and give me their honest opinion, because as you know we are all different!

Though this is the opinion of only five ladies, I think what we all have to say will help you when picking sizes for your upcoming purchases! Keep in mind we were testing sizes M and L. 



Hands down across the board this one got great reviews. Truly versatile, this tank can be worn anywhere, anyway, and to do anything. Perfect to sweat in, not to mention the mint green color is super cute – I love this piece. For those of you ‘large chested ladies’ something I really like about this tank is the lack of cleavage you have while wearing it. NOTHING is worse than having the gals touch your chin while hitting some high knees or practically falling out of your shirt while closing with some stretches. It’s full coverage, without being too much.


The sports bra got mixed reviews for mixed reasons. Personally I am a little bit bustier than some of my roomies, and for me I would consider this a ‘lax bra’ perfect for yoga, lounging on Sundays, or running errands. However, for my roommates who have a little less to work with – they loved it. Run, jump, play, spin – the works. Last but not least, the gals in the middle range bust-wise would consider wearing it for most activities, save for anything high intensity.



The calf length capris were a mixed bag review-wise. As far as comfort is concerned, it was agreed that we would live in these pants if we could. Extremely comfortable, breathable, and very forgiving (if I do say so myself). When it came to physical activity some of us stayed true to our comfort opinions that we would do ANYTHING in these. The few who strayed from this opinion honestly may have done better in a smaller size, which was unavailable to us at the time. The extra material at the top is amazing; it be folded for a low-cut look or kept as is and actually adds some great support when you wouldn’t expect it.

Well there you have it: our raw, organic, all-natural opinions on Cause I Run's first round of gear. Overall (as if you couldn’t tell) it’s awesome. Not to mention it's made in America – how many of your work-out outfits can you say that about? It’s also better for the environment, and personally that’s HUGE for me – because let’s be honest, we need all the help we can get right now.

We hope this helps when it comes to size choices – stay tuned for more in the near future!