Keep up with the latest happenings at Cause I Run

Meet Intern Anna!

It's an exciting time here at Cause I Run, where we're on the cusp of sending out our pre-orders, stocking our inventory, and officially launching as a bonafide ecommerce brand! 

And as we move forward with both production and gearing up for a launch, we are delighted to have hired a communications intern who will help us get the word out! She'll help us with social media, blogging, outreach, and more. You can say "hi" at 

Without further ado, meet Anna G.!

Anna G. - 22 years old - Avocado Enthusiast - Family Fanatic - Workout Junkie

Absolutely thrilled to be a new member of the Cause I Run team! I am a proud Suffolk graduate with a degree in Communications and a concentration in public relations, a short-lived women's tennis ram and three-year Her Campus ambassador. Currently I am working full time for The Hamilton Company as a property coordinator.

Cause I Run is the perfect opportunity to invest some spare time into something I am truly passionate about. Always on the look out for a great work out, I never take good athletic apparel for granted. Happiest when surrounded by family and friends, you can catch me at HayMarket every Saturday & exploring my favorite city, or catching up with my favorite Housewives on Sunday. 

Welcome to the team, Anna! 

And a big shout out to the many qualified applicants who applied for this role. I'm excited that we'll be developing a guest blog series in the coming months to share some of their ideas and perspectives, so stay tuned!

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