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Introducing charity partner Hope Through Health!

Healthcare is a human right. Everyone deserves access to health services, no matter their circumstances. And when all people have access to it, communities can thrive. 

As you probably know by now, Cause I Run will fund a variety of causes by automatically donating 10% of each purchase to a worthy charity. Our first cause is helping women + girls around the world and here at home, because we believe that when an entire community is able to succeed, it benefits everyone.

One Cause, Three Charities

To start, we're making an impact in one focus area partially because we're also starting solely with a women's line – but also because it's what I've been most passionate about throughout my life. And though I was able to narrow in on one cause area, I want Cause I Run customers to be able to choose where they make an impact – to answer the question "what moves you"? 

Down the road, we'll develop a process to decide which causes (and which charities that fit into those causes) will be funded for the subsequent clothing collections (stay tuned for a post coming VERY soon about our next designs – you won't want to miss these)! 

But as with all projects, we needed a solid place to start. 

I love the rise of social enterprise. As runners and active people, we typically will need to buy apparel throughout our lives. And with the anticipation of purchasing running clothes for years to come, we believe there should be the option to do some good with those purchases, just like TOMS shoes and Warby Parker and others do in those spaces. 

The "one-for-one" model that many of these social enterprises employ, however, may not always be the way to do the most good. For some communities, it may be the most effective way to make an impact. But for others, the people may not need whatever product is being delivered. Can you imagine being given a t-shirt if what you really need is access to clean water? 

That's why it is so important for us to partner with organizations like Hope Through Health.

Hope Through Health provides healthcare services to communities in Togo, a country in West Africa near Ghana and Nigeria. According to Hope Through Health, 5 million people in the country lack access to adequate healthcare services. Founded in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 2004, Hope Through Health now provides a range of healthcare services driven by communities' specific needs. 

From prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV to broad maternal and child health services, Hope Through Health empowers communities by bringing them into the conversation, listening to their needs, and responding to patient priorities. Employing women as community health workers in their own communities is just one way that Hope Through Health improves health and drives sustained change.

Cause I Run believes in sustainability two ways: In our production, and in our giving (read more about that here). Sustainability is a core value, so HTH's model of making change that lasts – it's a perfect fit. 

We are SO excited about this partnership (shout-out to Globe Med at MIT for the connection), and we look forward to sharing stories about the impact you're helping to make for people in Togo when you choose to give to Hope Through Health.

We can't wait to make our miles count by supporting Hope Through Health and women and children in Togo through Cause I Run apparel!  

Learn more about Hope Through Health here. We'll be featuring our other two charities here on the blog in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Right now, Cause I Run apparel is available for preorder on Kickstarter. (All pledges, however, will go toward the cost of production and will not be given to charity, per Kickstarter rules.) If the campaign is successful, we'll open our ecommerce web store and all apparel sold there will include a 10% built-in charitable donation.